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sprint strength training webinar

WITH jb morin


In this Webinar, we talk about resisted training and acceleration, with weight and sleds. Why is so important to use that? Together we will discover everything there is to know about correct, and everything that is wrong on the subject. 

With JB we will discover all the scientific studies, reviews and the most interesting aspects. We will discover the use and methods of this approach to improve performance with your athletes or with your team.

60 minutes of video content

8 PDF included

90 minutes podcast


The Speaker

j.b. Morin

Jean-Benoit (JB) Morin is currently full professor at the University of Saint Etienne (France). He is a member of the Laboratory of Human Motor Function, Expertise Sport and Health. He obtained a Track & Field Coach National Diploma in 1998 and a Ph.D. in Human Locomotion and Performance in 2004 at the University of Saint-Etienne, France (Prof. Alain Belli), in collaboration with the University of Udine, Italy (Prof. Pietro diPrampero). He was an assistant professor at the Sport Science Department of the University of Saint-Etienne and member of the Laboratory of Exercise Physiology from 2005 to 2014. 

He is also an associate researcher with the Sports Research Institute New-Zealand (SPRINZ) at Auckland University of Technology.

JB’s field of research is mainly human locomotion and performance, with specific interest in running biomechanics and maximal power movements (sprint, jumps). 

He teaches locomotion and sports biomechanics, and strength training and assessment methods. He has published approximately 110 peer-review journal articles since 2004. JB’s main collaborations are with French sprinters and the French Rugby Federation, teaching professional coaches about sprint mechanics and training for acceleration. He is also a consultant for professional sports groups around the world in soccer, rugby, sprint, and other power-speed sports. 

He practiced soccer in competition for 10 years, practiced and coached track and field (middle distance and 400m hurdles) for eight years, and he is now enjoying trail running, road cycling, and triathlons.


sprint strength training webinar

  • 60 minutes of video content
  • resources to download
  • podcast on insights and curiosities


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